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Anjung Tiara | Segambut Brand New Designer Semi-D

This project was featured in the local business papers a few weeks ago, just before the official launch. There are two defining elements to this project – one is the location, the other is the design. We will deal with the daring design later, but let’s talk a bit about the location.


The developers are savvy enough to resist the temptation to sell this place as “Mont’Kiara” or “Duta area“. However, they didn’t mention anything about “Segambut” either, so maybe it comes out even. But it’s in Segambut alright, this small area has about 5 projects under different stages of construction. All of them are touting this place as the next area of key growth, we suspect mainly due to the proximity to the aforementioned Mont’Kiara area and relatively cheaper prices.

At the moment, you have go a long distance through narrow roads along village areas to get here from Mont’Kiara, and the roads are heavily trafficked by dump trucks and lorries servicing all those luxury condominiums there under construction. The roads here are so narrow that the houses and buildings are at certain places less than 6′ away from the road. The developer is banking on two roads under construction to bypass them all, but even with the new access roads (through Bukit Prima Pelangi and Taman Sri Sinar), you’ll still need to pass about 1 km of the village. Alternatively, you can also come to this place via the old roads from Kepong and Menjalara. This site is actually very near Desa Park City, and out to the LDP.

The project is set on a square-ish hillside land facing KLCC far away. At the top of the hill you can see some granite rock outcrop, it would seem that the cost to carry out the earthworks and infrastructure here is *not* cheap. The overall site layout is straight-forward, a road snaking up the hill with 5 rows of semi-D homes, terraced down to the existing road level. The developers have actually submitted two plots of adjoining land, which make up the whole site, maximize the development potential of the land. It isn’t really important to the buyer, but what you actually get is two separate developers (with a same set of directors and staff), different lot number, different authority approval numbers, etc.

Now we come to the design part of the houses, which we earlier mentioned. Due to scarcity of land and difficult terrain, they have opted for small plot for each house, and 3-storey design. So not only does it look slim and tall, they have a RC pitched roof (painted in stark red) which makes it look like GT wings. Anyway, you’ve got to see it to get what we mean. And another thing – they have used a LOT of glazing for the walls. Which means a few things – a lot of difficult cleaning (inside and outside) and / or leaking, not to mention curtains. Personally, glazing fa├žade works well in condos, but for a semi-D, well… Either it’ll be renovated, or we’re going to see a spectrum of coloured drapes.

All in all there are 5 unit types to choose from, all 3 storeys. Due to the terrain, the units either have their entrance and car porch at the ground level or at the first floor level. Built up range from 3,723 to 4,482sq.ft, with some having a smaller footprint, others more spacious. We obviously prefer the ones with the bigger footprint, the small ones look a bitweird, with the higher floors like a small apartment. Well, anyway, with this type of unconventional design, either you like it or…

Depending on the unit, you may get a fish pond (as our aquatically-inclined friends note, there is a marked difference from a ‘koi’ pond…), roof garden, balcony or wider front garden. But you can’t have it all.

The developers are throwing in lots of freebies to entice the buyers, and units seem to be going fast, at the time we viewed it, only a quarter of the units are left for sale.

Staying in Segambut now takes a change in mindset if you’re from other areas (of course, although it is still KL, it doesn’t sound as marketable as Damansara Heights or Bukit Tunku), but this place may look good for people from this area who want to upgrade, or invest in a radically designed hillside home with a great view of the KLCC and the KL city skyline.

Bottomline – we understand the developer’s constraint on the location, even if they heavily market it as a future growth area. But we do appreciate their effort (and audacity) to put out a different design. It’s not really to our liking, but it would seem that enough people fancy it for the sales to go well, but then again, it has other good points like a gated concept and very low density. Plus the freebie packaging with the house is very generous, and its freehold. But on the other hand, starting at RM1.4million, it’s not cheap. Plus, with the whole public perception of hillside developments at the moment…

Project NameAnjung Tiara, Segambut
LocationSegambut, Kuala Lumpur
DescriptionLimited units of uniquely designed semi-Ds
Land typeFreehold
Land EncumbrancesCharged to UOB
Development Size5.8 acres
Land size2,745 to 4,647sq.ft
Build up3,723 to 4,482sq.ft
No of units44
Launch Datenow available
Date CompletedMay and Aug 2008
(depending on which on which lot)
DeveloperRolling Acres Sdn. Bhd.
Alam Jati Sdn. Bhd.
Managed byVision Development Concept Sdn. Bhd.
ContactDavid Geh | Divine Realtors

017-366 9288 or Email:davegeh@gmail.com

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